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Marshmallow Mouse

I know all of you are eager to watch the Cirque de Souris perform.  But before that, I would like to present Pascall. He’s belongs to a family of mini mallow mice.  This type of species are smaller than your average mouse, apricot in color, and are known to live in cupboards that store bags of marshmallows.

I was inspired to make Pascall one cold winter weekend when I was hanging out with my hubby while he had to work.  I forgot to bring pipe cleaners and my bag of white wool so I had to improvise with just a bag of apricot colored wool.  I use pipe cleaners for the frame of my mice simply because that was how I got used to making them.  Pascall is made of pure wool, without a pipe cleaner frame hence he turned out smaller and cuter.

By the way, this mouse is not holding a real marshmallow.  It’s white paper clay with a tinge of pink paint.  It does look real, doesn’t it? Really happy with how it turned out.

I have decided to put up for adoption a line of mini mallow mice.  Depending on how fast I can make them, the cute critters will soon be available at the Mice & Gnomes Adoption Agency.

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The Knave and the Tart

The Queen of Hearts she made some tarts all on a summer’s day; the Knave of Hearts he stole a tart and hid behind my stack of dishes to quietly eat the tart away.  Meet Pudding, master tart pilferer and gourmand extraordinaire.

Pudding will be finding his way soon to the kitchen of my Lola Vicky, who is a gourmand herself.  A perfect combination, don’t you think?


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Happy Birthday Life in a Bell Jar!

It’s my blog’s first birthday!  Hooray!  It has been a great year!  So far I’ve made a total of 12 themed ball jars, more than a dozen mice, and a handful of gnomes.  Not bad for a total newbie!  To be honest, before 2011, I didn’t even know how to make the mice and gnomes.  Now I love the craft so much, I can’t think of letting a week pass by without needle felting.

What’s in store for 2012?  More fun themes, quirky mice and gnomes, and The Life in a Bell Jar Mice & Gnomes Adoption Agency!

By the way, I like you to meet Bailey, a dumbo mouse.  Catch his balancing act soon!


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The Frog Pond Symphony Orchestra

Meet Mumford.  My personal assistant.  He surprised me with a ticket to the concert of the Frog Pond Symphony Orchestra!

Never heard of the Frog Pond Symphony Orchestra?  They’re a famous gnome group that go around the pond circuit performing gigs to a screaming and croaking gaggle of fans.

This time at Gnome Creek, I was lucky to catch them performing with frogs.  Very good sub woofers, those frogs.  It was a hi-fi surround experience.


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Once upon a time…

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, except this baby mouse.

So Papa mouse opened his book to read

a fairytale to put him to sleep.

Yes it’s still too early for Christmas but hey, I just couldn’t wait to show this bell jar cottage.  It’s a commissioned work for a friend of mine.   So before I let it go to a good home,  I just had to show it here.

This cottage was the most challenging and detailed bell jar I made so far.  I had to make the fireplace from scratch.  And I even took a family photo.  Not easy with a baby mouse running about.


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Woof! Woof!

This is Waffles.  She’s either a mouse who thinks she’s a dog…or a dog who seriously looks like a mouse.

 Now what do dogs do with fire hydrants again?

Waffles is for my little sister, an absolute doggie lover.

Yay!  I finally completed the challenge my family gave me.  On to my next challenge… commissions.

I suddenly realised I will be a busy bee in the coming weeks. Making mice, gnomes and whole bell jar themes for myself is one thing, but creating for other people is a totally different matter…  Hope I can keep up.

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We were strolling in the park one day…

This is Poppin, a mouse who just loves to fly a kite.

This is Poppy, a picnic mouse with her basket of goodies.

If my brother Jay and his wife Ellen were mice, I guess this is what they would look like.  Two mice who love picnics, kites, hats, and perfect summer days.

I was given a challenge by my family to create mice and gnomes for them.  I’ve got 4 done… 1 more left…

Patience little sis, your mouse is next.


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