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Of Pinwheels and Posters

I have a new fave shop! Daiso, a Japanese $2.80 shop, just recently opened in Melbourne. I happened to pass by the shop last week and saw these….

Pinwheels!  Aren’t they just so colorful and gorgeous? I got so excited I bought a bunch of them.  They had tiny ones available! Just perfect for my Cirque de Souris bell jar.

I hopped and skipped all the way home with my bag of pinwheels.  I was just so inspired, I started practicing making a circus poster.  My old printer ran out of ink, which was fortunate.  I wouldn’t have thought of using my colorful markers to make the poster.  Here’s a photo of my first try.  Not bad,  huh?

Have to go now! Still have to make my circus bell jar.





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The bell jar factory… otherwise known as my little desk

Here is my little piece of heaven where the needle felt mice are born and the bell jar ideas conceived…

After a bit of spring cleaning and a change of location my desk ended up looking like this.  It’s much better I think. I have a lot more space for my odds and ends.

A month ago, my desk looked like this.


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Gypsies in Australia

A few months ago, I met Gypsy Love and Max Flint of Kushti Bok at an arts festival in Phillip Island.  Living in their ’74 combi and roaming Australia, they sell trinkets & charms, and offer fortune telling and healing workshops.  I was so drawn to them my husband and I couldn’t help but take pictures.  And yes, I got my fortune told too.

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Where the wild things are

Yesterday evening was a night of drums, dancing, kids in face paint, singing, and a whole lot of things African.  It was the “Rhythm of Africa” night at the Werribee Zoo.   Where the wild things are.

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Invasion of the Snails!

Cliff Hanger

Melbourne has been battered and bruised last night.  Torrential rains, flash floods, and a black out that lasted all night.   We passed by the creek just a block away and saw the foot bridge has already sunk half way into the river and the wooden fencing have completely disappeared.

My husband and I were standing on the grass looking at the floods when we noticed teeny tiny snails clinging on the grass.  We rescued a few of these refugees and took them home.  Here are some of their pictures.  With consent from the snails of  course.  (No animals have been harmed in the making of these pictures.)

I’m not posting any flood pics.  The news has enough of them already.

Home away from home

Snail family

Aren’t they cute?  I’m actually terrified of holding them.   Slime is not my thing.  But they’re so tiny I just couldn’t help but take a picture of them on the mushroom houses.  Seems like a perfect place for them, don’t you think?

I didn’t have the heart to encase them in a bell jar for their pictorial.  So they went al fresco.

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If Edward Scissorhands was real…

He would be living in this house!

I was out and about last weekend around the suburbs and we passed by this fantastic house.   Amazing!   I can’t even trim a hedge straight.  Whoever owns this house must be really good at topiaries.  Edward Scissorhands would be proud!  We just had to stop and take pictures.    Won’t be saying exactly where this place is for privacy’s sake but hope some of you would be lucky enough to see it.

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