What does a door, a bird, and a mouse all have in common?

10 Mar

If I asked you this question yesterday, you wouldn’t have a clue.   But now, at approximately 7:22pm on Sunday night, I can tell you that the door, the bird, and the mouse can all be found in my Etsy shop!

Yes, I have found my groove and started to create again!  Here’s the cast of characters, and a door:


Every morning rosella parrots visit my garden. Their cute squeaky chirping sound would greet me when I wake up. I wondered then when parrots take flight and look for food, who’s looking after the baby chicks? Certainly no mama bird will leave her babies alone!

If you look at this particular nest, it looks like any ordinary nest. Two eggs and a mama bird. But then, what’s that roundish blob with a beard sticking out beneath the beak? Hmm…something is definitely weird in this picture.

Mama Bird small
Meet Max, a babysitting gnome at work! Like any gnome, Max is a softie at heart when it comes to helping out helpless little animals. When the real mama bird goes out to forage, Max would don his parrot costume and keep the eggs company. He plays it so well, that if I didn’t point out to you his nose and beard, you won’t notice it!

Mama Bird 2 small

Max is made of Super Sculpey Clay and needle felted blue and red wool to look like a rosella parrot. Sitting on the nest, Max is 4cm tall x 6.5cm length x 4cm width. This gnome is glued to the nest and will definitely not leave the eggs behind.

The eggs are tiny decorative plastic eggs sitting on a bed of lichen moss. The nest 7cm in diameter and is made of synthetic fiber woven by yours truly.


While millions of children and mice wonder if the pock marked moon is made of cheese, one mouse made the trip to the moon (?!) to satisfy his curiosity.

Meet Crackers, a courageous mouse who can confirm that yes, the moon is made of cheddar, slightly sharp for his taste but quite perfect with biscuits.

Mouse on the Moon 2 small

Unfortunately, that fact is a half truth, because he didn’t make it to our real moon at all. He made a detour to my house where on one dark night, when he was bleary eyed and half asleep, he found this ball of cheese sitting on top of my star studded shawl. Quite my fault really, I was enjoying a plate of crackers and cheese when this cheese ball rolled out of my plate. It did look like a cosmic piece of cheese to me from this angle. Almost like the moon. I can’t blame Crackers for his mistake!

Mouse on the Moon 4 small

Standing 7cm tall x 4cm wide with a 4cm round belly, Crackers is made of white needle felt wool with a pink mousie nose, tail, and ears. His hands and feet are made of sculpey clay.

The 4cm tall x 5cm wide cheese ball moon and the piece of cheese is made of paper mache painted with yellow acrylic clay and protected with matte varnish. Crackers is glued on top of the cheese ball moon.


Introducing the Life in a Bell Jar Mice & Gnomes Real Estate Agency!  Our motto is “whimsical homes for magical mice and gnomes”.   Grand opening today!  See the 1st of our model gnome doors up for sale.

Fairy Door 1 large

Ever wondered how to get to the Bell Jar Village? It’s right through a gnome door. On clear starry nights, when the moon is high and the wind is cool, you can sometimes spot a gnome door appearing at the most unusual places. Beneath a lavender bush, beside the oak tree, on a branch of a lemon tree…depends on where the gnome owner in question wants to open his door to from the Bell Jar Village to our world.

You are in luck if you are in the market looking for your own piece of magical real estate! One of the local gnomes has decided to upgrade and has left me with this whimsical gnome door.

Fairy Door 2 small

Standing 16.5 cm high x 11cm wide with a base 13cm long x 5cm wide, this gnome door has a metal deer plate fixed in the middle and a metal door knob. Lichen moss, leaves, berries, gumnuts, and charms grow around it. The door is made of wood stained craft sticks and twigs glued securely to a base. The back of the door is reinforced with pebbles at the base.

How this door opens is something I can’t teach you. You’re not even supposed to open it if you’re not a gnome. But as an owner to be of this gnome door, I can let you in on a secret… you can lease this door to a wandering gnome for free and watch him open the door by magic!

That’s all for now!  There’s more to come.  Please do drop by and visit.  There are more photos of Max, Crackers and the gnome door in my tiny shop!


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