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Winter blues and hot air balloons

Spring is only two days away and yet here I am still feeling the winter blues.  Clouds have cast dark shadows around my home and the cold rain has totally drenched my newly hung laundry.  The Cirque de Souris had to close their show for now on the account of the dismal weather.   Stuck with nothing fancy to do I’ve decided to check my archives and found this photo.  It cheered me up and reminded me sunny days are soon to come.


Marshmallow Mouse

I know all of you are eager to watch the Cirque de Souris perform.  But before that, I would like to present Pascall. He’s belongs to a family of mini mallow mice.  This type of species are smaller than your average mouse, apricot in color, and are known to live in cupboards that store bags of marshmallows.

I was inspired to make Pascall one cold winter weekend when I was hanging out with my hubby while he had to work.  I forgot to bring pipe cleaners and my bag of white wool so I had to improvise with just a bag of apricot colored wool.  I use pipe cleaners for the frame of my mice simply because that was how I got used to making them.  Pascall is made of pure wool, without a pipe cleaner frame hence he turned out smaller and cuter.

By the way, this mouse is not holding a real marshmallow.  It’s white paper clay with a tinge of pink paint.  It does look real, doesn’t it? Really happy with how it turned out.

I have decided to put up for adoption a line of mini mallow mice.  Depending on how fast I can make them, the cute critters will soon be available at the Mice & Gnomes Adoption Agency.

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Of Pinwheels and Posters

I have a new fave shop! Daiso, a Japanese $2.80 shop, just recently opened in Melbourne. I happened to pass by the shop last week and saw these….

Pinwheels!  Aren’t they just so colorful and gorgeous? I got so excited I bought a bunch of them.  They had tiny ones available! Just perfect for my Cirque de Souris bell jar.

I hopped and skipped all the way home with my bag of pinwheels.  I was just so inspired, I started practicing making a circus poster.  My old printer ran out of ink, which was fortunate.  I wouldn’t have thought of using my colorful markers to make the poster.  Here’s a photo of my first try.  Not bad,  huh?

Have to go now! Still have to make my circus bell jar.





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