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From the Archives: Drums & Dreadlocks

Marley was supposedly part of the Frogpond Symphony Orchestra but just didn’t quite fit in.  This gnome with his drum and dreadlocks marches to the beat of a different drummer.

Months before Marley was only just bits of clay glued together unfinished, lonely, and gathering dust in my apothecary cabinet.   Then someone sent me a souvenir keychain with a tiny drum and thought it would be nice for my “leftover” gnome.

See the fairy door behind Marley?  I made it months ago and never really found the ideal bell jar for it. So like Marley, the fairy door was just sitting on the shelf.

I decided to give Marley and the forgotten fairy door a new lease on life and gave them their very own bell jar. Because everybody, even gnomes and fairy doors, deserve a second chance.


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The Knave and the Tart

The Queen of Hearts she made some tarts all on a summer’s day; the Knave of Hearts he stole a tart and hid behind my stack of dishes to quietly eat the tart away.  Meet Pudding, master tart pilferer and gourmand extraordinaire.

Pudding will be finding his way soon to the kitchen of my Lola Vicky, who is a gourmand herself.  A perfect combination, don’t you think?


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