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A bedtime story

I know it’s almost time to sleep and a bedtime story is in order when Mumford hugs his teddy bear.  Good night and sweet dreams folks!


The Frog Pond Symphony Orchestra

Meet Mumford.  My personal assistant.  He surprised me with a ticket to the concert of the Frog Pond Symphony Orchestra!

Never heard of the Frog Pond Symphony Orchestra?  They’re a famous gnome group that go around the pond circuit performing gigs to a screaming and croaking gaggle of fans.

This time at Gnome Creek, I was lucky to catch them performing with frogs.  Very good sub woofers, those frogs.  It was a hi-fi surround experience.


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Once upon a time…

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, except this baby mouse.

So Papa mouse opened his book to read

a fairytale to put him to sleep.

Yes it’s still too early for Christmas but hey, I just couldn’t wait to show this bell jar cottage.  It’s a commissioned work for a friend of mine.   So before I let it go to a good home,  I just had to show it here.

This cottage was the most challenging and detailed bell jar I made so far.  I had to make the fireplace from scratch.  And I even took a family photo.  Not easy with a baby mouse running about.


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The Thimbles Show

Hi there fellow mousies!  Welcome to the Thimbles show! Today I will be teaching you how to make this nice quilt.

First of all you have to raid a sewing kit as I have done right here.  Be very discreet so no one will suspect their cloth and thread are now a few inches short.  Three inches will do just fine.

Wear a pin cushion on your head while sewing so you don’t lose your pins and needles.  But be very careful you don’t want your nice fluffy head pierced with a sharp pin!  The pin cushion also acts as a camouflage from unsuspecting sewing kit owners.

There you go! That’s how to make a quilt!  Although I didn’t make this one.  I just swiped it from a sewing kit owner when she wasn’t looking.   Thanks for watching the show!


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