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Woof! Woof!

This is Waffles.  She’s either a mouse who thinks she’s a dog…or a dog who seriously looks like a mouse.

 Now what do dogs do with fire hydrants again?

Waffles is for my little sister, an absolute doggie lover.

Yay!  I finally completed the challenge my family gave me.  On to my next challenge… commissions.

I suddenly realised I will be a busy bee in the coming weeks. Making mice, gnomes and whole bell jar themes for myself is one thing, but creating for other people is a totally different matter…  Hope I can keep up.

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We were strolling in the park one day…

This is Poppin, a mouse who just loves to fly a kite.

This is Poppy, a picnic mouse with her basket of goodies.

If my brother Jay and his wife Ellen were mice, I guess this is what they would look like.  Two mice who love picnics, kites, hats, and perfect summer days.

I was given a challenge by my family to create mice and gnomes for them.  I’ve got 4 done… 1 more left…

Patience little sis, your mouse is next.


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Fastest Flapjack Flipper in the West

How many flapjacks can the fastest flapjack flipper flip ? Four flapjacks in four seconds if the flapjack flipper is balancing on a fruit.  How’s that for a tongue twister?

This mouse, Jemima, is for my mom.  The original fastest flapjack flipper.  She could whip up a flapjack breakfast on early Saturday mornings so fast it would be ready on the table before anyone of us woke up. Thanks mom!

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