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Do fish like cookies?

Do fish like cookies? Of course they do!  Although they are partial to the extra chewy chocolate chip variety. Every gnome knows that.   How else do you catch fish?

Dad, this gnome is for you.


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PG 13: The Sugar Fix

Get your sugar fix here!!!!!!

After this, I can never look at a gumball machine the same way again…


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Up close: making gumballs

Because making clay gumballs can take forever, I’ve decided to take a breather and post some snaps of what I’ve been doing this morning.

Remember this mousy? She’s been helping out making the gumballs.

Ok, my break is over. Back to making gumballs…



Sneak Peek: Gumball Mouse

Peek a boo!!!! Spot the mouse among the balls of wool.  This mousy is too shy to tell you all what we’ve been up to.  It’s still a secret but it definitely has something to do with gumballs.  Stay tuned!