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Say Cheese!!!

This little mouse, Itchie, is a mini version of myself.  She even hopped on my camera and took over the photo shoot.


I didn’t make a bell jar today.  Because Itchie mouse beat me to it.  Here’s my photo of this mousy taking a photo of her bell jar.

(Footnote:  My work is constantly evolving and I’m surprised how much it has changed since the start of this year.  Next thing I know, I don’t have to make this blog, Itchie mouse will do it for me….) 🙂


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The Fruit Stand Quartet Co.

It’s orange season!  Beans the mouse has lot of oranges in his yard.

Gathering his friend gnomes together, they put up a fruit stand to sell oranges.

Clearly, someone didn’t get the memo to dress up as an orange.  One of the gnomes arrived dressed up as a pear. It’s still a fruit though, so it’s okay.

Oranges for 2c!  Just picked from the tree!  Get them fresh from the Fruit Stand Quartet Co.!


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