A tree house in the woods

13 May

My two resident gnomes pointed out one thing to me – We like to live under trees, just like in the book “Gnomes” by Huygen & Poortvliet. The gypsy caravan was really nice and comfy but if you can build us a tree house, we would much prefer it. It’s safe from trolls and polecats.

So what was I to do? I certainly couldn’t refuse a request like that.

I picked up cedar cones and a piece of drift wood during a weekend trip to the Dandenong Ranges. I thought these would be just the thing to use to create the tree house. I used cedar cones for roof tiles because of this picture.

The driftwood I found was perfect. I couldn’t have found one so knotted and bent with a small space underneath to snugly fit in the tiny gnome house.

Leaving their gypsy caravan, Olaf and Olga have settled in their new home.

I had problems fitting the tree house in a bell jar because of its height. But luckily, it did fit a tall clock dome.

So now I have a lonely, empty gypsy caravan sitting on my table. Maybe I should lease it to some poor mice or sell it in the market? Any takers? It’s slightly used and and in very good condition. The gnomes are very good housekeepers.

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