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Up close: the making of a fruit gnome

I’m making a fruit gnome for my next bell jar.  Why he’s dressed as a fruit is a secret for now.


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Life in a Bell Jar video

Just a short clip of yours truly creating the Gypsy Gnomes bell jar.

Thank you hubby and Reian for creating this video.

Thank you Lullatone to letting me use the “Bedroom Bossa Band” song for the soundtrack.

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A tree house in the woods

My two resident gnomes pointed out one thing to me – We like to live under trees, just like in the book “Gnomes” by Huygen & Poortvliet. The gypsy caravan was really nice and comfy but if you can build us a tree house, we would much prefer it. It’s safe from trolls and polecats.

So what was I to do? I certainly couldn’t refuse a request like that.

I picked up cedar cones and a piece of drift wood during a weekend trip to the Dandenong Ranges. I thought these would be just the thing to use to create the tree house. I used cedar cones for roof tiles because of this picture.

The driftwood I found was perfect. I couldn’t have found one so knotted and bent with a small space underneath to snugly fit in the tiny gnome house.

Leaving their gypsy caravan, Olaf and Olga have settled in their new home.

I had problems fitting the tree house in a bell jar because of its height. But luckily, it did fit a tall clock dome.

So now I have a lonely, empty gypsy caravan sitting on my table. Maybe I should lease it to some poor mice or sell it in the market? Any takers? It’s slightly used and and in very good condition. The gnomes are very good housekeepers.

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Blue skies and a red balloon

Sitting on her polka dot picnic mat, Butterball enjoys the endless blue skies and her red balloon.

This is the simplest miniature I’ve ever made but I think it’s the cutest.  Butterball is now top mouse, the sole occupant on my mushroom table.

I bought this glass crystal ball months ago but didn’t know what to do with it. The narrow opening meant I could only put in a few choice pieces but I couldn’t figure out what to put in it. It was just sitting on my cabinet gathering dust until yesterday when my husband used it to enclose Butterball so she wouldn’t get sucked in the vacuum while I cleaned the house.  Which was a great idea.  I finally got to use this crystal ball and Butterball now has a new home.


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Gypsy Gnomes

Gypsy gnomes roam the forest.  If you manage to spot them and their tiny caravan and if you ask them nicely, they might tell you your fortune or offer you a cup of tea.

Meet the gnomes Olaf and Olga.  I replaced the traditional gnome felt hats with acorn caps just because they look cute.  These gnomes are made out of super sculpley clay.  Their hair is merino wool,  and their clothes are from bits of cloth and scrap leather.

Of course what would gypsies be without their caravan?  I made this caravan a few weeks before from popsicle sticks, parts from a dismantled orrery for the wheels, pine cones for the roof, a walnut shell for the window hanging pot.   Note, there’s also a tiny campfire and a table with a crystal ball.

Finally, here’s the finished Gypsy Gnomes Bell Jar.

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Gypsies in Australia

A few months ago, I met Gypsy Love and Max Flint of Kushti Bok at an arts festival in Phillip Island.  Living in their ’74 combi and roaming Australia, they sell trinkets & charms, and offer fortune telling and healing workshops.  I was so drawn to them my husband and I couldn’t help but take pictures.  And yes, I got my fortune told too.

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