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Butterball Mouse

Butterball was born today April 28.  She reminded me of the round butterball lollies I used to suck on as a kid, hence the name. This roly poly baby mouse just loves her red balloon.  Ain’t she a cutie?

Here’s another shot of Butterball in a different angle.

I’ve been asked a few times where I get all these crazy ideas of mine.  Butterball initially didn’t have a balloon but I thought it would look funny if this baby mouse had one.

I bought a pack of styrofoam easter eggs before and never really got to use it.   I used one of the eggs and wrapped it in balloon latex. Thankfully the styrofoam was light enough for the thin wire to support it so it does create the illusion that it’s floating.


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Sneak Peek!!!

Here’s a sneak peek of my new bell jar.   This time I’m thinking of everything Gypsy.

I got popsicle stick projectiles flying everywhere when I was snipping the edges off the sticks to create this caravan.  The carpet is also covered with bits of pine cone scales.  I used pine cone scales for the roof shingles.   So yes, the house is pretty messy at the moment.

More to come, I promise!


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The Melbourne Town Musicians

I had fun taking photos last night.   It was just supposed to be a photo shoot of the new mouse I just finished.   But as you see in the photos below, it got a little bit crowded.

Here’s a photo of Squeaker, caught by my resident owl, stealing the house key .

Here’s a photo of Squeaker, caught by the cat, stealing the house key again.

Here’s another photo of the three in conference.

Finally, I got the three together and took this photo.  Presenting… the Melbourne Town Musicians…

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Step right up! Hot Air Balloon Rides for 5c!

This little mouse has dreams of flight.  To float high above the rooftops and reach the edge of space.  So I created a tiny steampunk style hot air balloon to fulfill his dreams.

This hot air balloon bell jar is one of the most challenging projects I’ve done.  I made everything from scratch including Ben the mouse. Ben was made from hours of needle felting fun. The basket is made of woven strips of sculpey clay tinted with woodstain.  The balloon is a styrofoam ball decorated with cloth, ribbons and beads. I also made a tiny step ladder and a sign for hot air balloon rides.

Step right up!  step right up!  Hot Air Balloon rides for only 5c! See rooftop views, the edge of space, your neighbor sunbathing in his yard, and much much more!


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House of Mouse

This little mouse was born today, April 3, after a weekend of struggling with wool and pricking myself with the needle.   I’m a proud mama.


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