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Waiting for the bus…

This ridiculously cute gnome made me laugh the whole time I was making him.   I wanted to make a Japanese inspired “Totoroesque” themed bell jar.  So I made this kimono wearing gnome. Not unlike the “Drunken Master”, don’t you think?

To make this bell jar, I made a cherry blossom tree, a bus stop sign, a suit case, a gnome, and a gnome home.  The cocktail umbrella, is sadly, not made by myself.  But the bunny likes it so it’s okay.

I love the scene in the “Totoro” animated film of Totoro waiting at the bus stop holding an umbrella.  And this little bunny reminds me of the film that’s why I recreated the bus stop scene with my own personal twist.  It just didn’t feel complete if it was just the bunny, so I created the kimono wearing gnome to go with it.

I wasn’t really happy with the lighting set up when I first took the picture.  So I added a lantern and changed the gnome home’s wall light.

Here’s a look at the finished bell “Waiting for the bus” bell jar…








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