In the Nuthouse

26 Feb

Remember an old Disney Donald Duck cartoon about a couple of chipmunks dreaming of stealing Donald’s walnut shaped “Don’s Nut Butter” store?  I love this cartoon so much as a kid it inspired me now to make my own nut house.

To make the Nuthouse, I used Super Sculpey clay for the body.   I accidentally burnt the clay when I left it too long in the oven.  It was a good sort of accident.  The burnt parts gave it the look and texture of a real nutshell. Cutting a walnut shell in half, I used this for the windows hanging flowerpots.

I made a tiny faery door and stairs.   For that woodsy charm I added lichen moss, and a few nuts and seeds. It now looks like a real nuthouse, don’t you think?

Here’s a look at the semi finished bell jar.  I’ve hidden walnut shaped lights with the real walnuts.  And made hollow mushrooms using Super Sculpey.   It made my day seeing those mushrooms glow after plugging in miniature lights inside.  Just add in the Nuthouse and the squirrels and it’s done!

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