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If Edward Scissorhands was real…

He would be living in this house!

I was out and about last weekend around the suburbs and we passed by this fantastic house.   Amazing!   I can’t even trim a hedge straight.  Whoever owns this house must be really good at topiaries.  Edward Scissorhands would be proud!  We just had to stop and take pictures.    Won’t be saying exactly where this place is for privacy’s sake but hope some of you would be lucky enough to see it.

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Fabulous Flea Market Finds

Look what I’ve got!

Flea Market Finds

Had a great trip to the local trash and treasure markets and found these!   A crystal ball for $5,  glass domes for $2 & $6, a  tiny miniature donkey for $1 and a pack of 10 gold pine cones for $5.  I also dropped by an op-shop in Sunshine and got this vintage travel case for $5!  I couldn’t believe my luck.  It’s an Everlite travel case with metal studs and it even has wooden detailing.  They don’t make things like this anymore.

Here’s a closer shot of the glass domes and miniatures:

I couldn’t get rid of the gnome for this shot .  He just had to ride the donkey.

I love flea markets and op-shops.  It’s that mystery of finding the most unusual stuff  that just arouses this anticipation in me every time.   More fabulous flea market finds in the coming weeks!

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It all started with a mouse

I found this fella in an antique shop in Ballarat.  He was coated with dust, just sitting on a shelf with old books.  I fell in love with this chubby little critter and just had to take him home.   What do you do with a new tenant? Why give him a home, of course!

Bell jars exude this steampunkish, Jules Verne vibe that’s why I love them so much.  What better place to make into a tiny home than a bell jar?  Seems like anything put into these babies just come alive.  A tiny world of its own.

My friend says I make “Bell Jar Universes” which I think pretty much sums up what I’m doing at the moment.

To furnish the house of mouse, I purchased this perfect fairy door from thefaerywatcher at Etsy.  I was in Bentleigh a few weeks ago, and happen to pass by an Edu Toys shops.  To my delight, they sell dollhouse miniatures!   I couldn’t resist buying miniature streetlights and lanterns.  They actually light up!  Throw in moss, stones, trees and found objects and I was ready to make my 1st bell jar I call “Of Mice and Bell Jars”.

Add in the miniature street lights..

Stick a lantern by the doorpost….

Open the lights and off course add the bell jar.  And there you have it the house of mouse called “Of Mice and Bell Jars”.   This is going to be a 365 day project for me so keep checking my blog for updates.


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